Monday, April 11, 2022


There's this new law that came into place last week in Hong Kong, 
//殺鼠令餘震 市民若不交出可傳染病毒的動物 可罰1萬及監禁半年 政府年初因倉鼠染疫,曾下令撲殺逾2千隻倉鼠,事件引起大眾關注。原來政府上月底已修訂相關法例,指任何物品包括動物,如可能受指明傳染病感染,主人都須按指示交出,否則可處罰款1萬元及監禁6個月。//

Lots of my friends were shocked and frustrated. 
They all said they rather go to jail instead :'( Actually, they said that. 
Our world has become so miserable, in the past, news report on new animal laws would be pushing for abusers to get higher penalties, now, it's the opposite. 
But at least there are still so many kind-hearted, animal lovers out there. 

This illustration on the first pic, is an order HM placed for his friend whose dog just passed away at old age. I often get people ordering portraits for their pets, but also when someobody's pet passed away, it all shows how much love  and importance the pets had in their lives. 

P.S. April is 小草's Adoptionversary, she's been with  us  for two years  now. 
She's still a little shy and uncertain, like those "stereotypical-female" in 中國古代小說..... XD 
I hope she's happy and feel safe <3 

Last week, 小草participated in a Charity Photo Shoot on behalf of LAP, and met a very lovely team of people, all sweet, kind and animal loving.
Mii the MUA also have two  adopted chihuahuas, which she's spent lots of time nursing back to health. 
Vincent the Parisian, a gentle photographer who is a doctor turned artist, he grew up in all sorts of places, including Nigeria and Germany, 小草 likes him best. 
There's Jojo the beautiful and sweet model. 
Xara, my childhood friend who started this campaign, always hopes to raise awareness in animal issues in Hong Kong. She started her wedding-accessories brand hoping to provide an eco-friendly alternative. 

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