Monday, March 30, 2009


This is not one of those story that we usually talk about that focuses on children's anxiety, culture or creativity. Read it carefully with your heart, skipping picture spoils the story. 
It's a very simple story of love. Possibly a good gift for the person you love. 
The author Andre Dahan (1935-     ) started writing/illustrating picture story book at the age of 52. 

Dear little fish, I love you so
I'll feed you bread so you will grow

Each day, I'll give you one sweet kiss
And promise you I'll never miss!
But on the day, my dear little fish, 
You grow too big for your small dish
I will take you to the sea 
And in one move, I'll set you free. 

How you'll be so glad to go
But dear little fish, I'll miss you so.

I will wait all through the day,
To see if you turn round this way.

And I will wait all through the night,
To see if you come back in sight.

Oh! I will throw my only hat
To see if you will bring it back.

At the first joy that I will see, 
Is when you bring it home to me.

Your back will be my favourite boat, 
And together we will sail and float,

Over the river and 'cross the sea,
To a small island with a palm tree.

There we will both live and play, 
"Catch the hat by night and day.

And I will know your love for me,
For you came home when I set you free

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mingwai said...

it is probably the best kind of feeling one can get with the word 'afterall'...