Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I'm sure you all know how much I adore Japanese food!! I am so craving for good, authentic, high quality jap food again!!! Not those horrible one, and the desire is so immense that I'll satisfy it very soon!!! Didn't thought that I would start missing Japanese food so much so soon! And no matter where I am, I would have this same crave! (Oh, recent example include, leaving my classmates while we were in Paris, to go get some reli hip jap food; and all the expensive Jap food take away in edinburgh -_-" no good Jap food in Edin; oh and also the 7 pounds sea urchin sushi in Regent Street London)

So I have did thorough researches during working hours, I am gonna explore it for you guys, so next time you come, you can go get it too!
Wow I filled two Moleskin pages so quickly this week, what have been stimulating me?
"Talking about food, I had really local Beijing food today, it's not something that we would usually eat when we travel, I guess cuz some of them tastes reli weird, so no good to promote, there's this white sour soup thingy! they say 「你吃慣了便是地道北京人了」apart from that, there's this brown sticky soup thing with pig organs or stuff like that, plus other normal stuff like - 驢打滾,焦圈(donut ?? ) ,碗豆糕,窩窩頭和一些有很多醬料的「冷麵」,真是千奇百怪!好得意。"
P.S. went sing k yesterday, was soooooo fun!!!


Juanjaime said...

I want the address of
'7 pounds sea urchin sushi in Regent Street London'

maomao said...

Hey i am sure you know about it, Sakura just off Regent Street, but they don't always have sea urchin, it's suppepperrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr gooooood!!!!