Saturday, February 28, 2009

The deadline has passed....

Well my question is - why so last minute? If you knew you can't blow water in a foreign language well! 

PIG says: (23:06:32)仲有50分钟CITY 的NONJUP就会CLOSE, 我而家要报一科语言学与语言科技. TRACY帮我写了,但她不会写如何对我将来职业有关系,因为规定要写~ 你就帮我看一眼
Maoshan* says: (23:09:04)why all of u are doing things last minute?
PIG says: (23:09:27):|人地都系GUM?
Maoshan* says: (23:09:27) I am helping two other friends at the moment
PIG says: (23:17:28)快啊快啊~~~CONNIE~~~~
PIG says: (23:17:33)12点DEADLINE
PIG says: (23:19:45)点解要读,希望读到D咩  将来要做什么, 读这一科和将来的工作有什么关系Maoshan* says: (23:19:52)you want me to add things to it?
PIG says: (23:20:25)求其,最紧要正常D同快

Niki*❤ANTM* says: (22:05:05)
yea but
everyone is doing
so it juz make it kinda important

: S
i hv asked pooh ytd
she said she didnt knoww whether it is important or noe
she juz ask me to write

Niki*❤ANTM* says: (00:03:37)shit
Niki*❤ANTM* says: (00:03:44)
the deadline has passed
Niki*❤ANTM* says: (00:03:49)my fd told me the wrong time

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