Monday, February 16, 2009

Lucky Boy's Birthday

Tomorrow is Lucky boy's 2 years old birthday! Lucky boy is arguably one of the most difficult dog to walk here, especially because he didn't get any training and his family never let him into any areas of the flat apart from the kitchen, nor did they ever walked their dog. So all the difficult work was left to his patient domestic helper. 

He is one of the most famous dogs in Bel-Air. Famed for his mischief and diverse expressions! Labradors are known to be quite kind tempered, and are often employed as dog doctors. 
However, like Marley from Marley & Me, Lucky is boisterous, powerful, endlessly hungry and eager to be active (even though completely without malice) Every morning, he runs into the mud puddles, stick his head into the dirty water, and get himself and others all brown and dirty; instead of drinking the water form a bowl, he put his head in it and spill it everywhere. Lucky loves to pretend to be dead so that he doesn't have to go home, and always jump so high to kiss people. He once jumped up to the kitchen table and ate a whole roast chicken! Even though he's so large in size, he's scared when huskies walk towards him, he's scared of remote-control-toy cars and would hide under the chair looking horrified! 

Gonna buy him and his domestic helper something! hmm, what should i get?

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