Thursday, February 26, 2009

Beijing =)

Haven't had time to write since arriving at Beijing.
Awww, I dunno where to start, but in short, I feel very stimulated and inspired everyday. I almost feel that I'm in love with the city. Parted with the city for 7 years, this time I seems to have a whole new perspective of this place, perhaps it's cuz I am not just a tourist, but a person who lives and work here, and also since the place has changed soooo much...

As some of you might know, one of the reasons I wanted to come and live in Beijing was, even though as a Chinese, I know very little of how actually living in China is like. It's almost one of the place where I would have the highest possibility of having a (counter-) cultural shock, everywhere else I sort of know what to expect, but China, seems so ever-changing!

Real Working life is also something new for me, working 9 - 17:30 leaves me with very little time to do personal things (even blogging), however, it's almost one of the few times in my life that I am constantly productive throughout the day. Apart from working, I have to take a long ride to work every morning, and the trip is very interesting indeed, with view of different parts of the city, and more understanding of other common people.

My moleskin pretty much shows how much new things I have seen and experienced these days. Still haven't had time to really tour around the city yet, but I'll do that during weekend, and when spring comes, my really nice colleagues says that they will bring me around the city when the flowers blossom! Things I jotted down in moleskin are all small things, but interesting to note, e.g. 

- Unlike the really dumb roadshow in HK buses, Beijing buses have live news
- Many old people keeps Chinese dogs
- yuan lai, people over 65 years old can take public transport for FREE everyday, not only on weekends
- In China, You dun call an engineer mr. sth, they are called e.g. 楊工,李工 very funny lol
- Books are good quality and really cheap
- That day I picked up a hat for the old woman who dropped it, she held my hands and thanked me.
- My new favourite architectural magazine, is one that's edited by Tsingwa
- Haven't read so much for a long time, all the cheap books I bought and the enormous amount of magazine my flatmate buys!
- The city and culture of Beijing actually bear resemblances to that of Paris (i'll write more about this next time) 
etc. etc. etc.

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