Friday, April 3, 2009

Morning Memoir of Summerbridge

This morning, I "accidentally" re-read my posts during Summerbridge period, it's one of those places, like LPC - hard for outsiders to truly understand unless experienced. And a place that even upon re-reading the memories, makes your heartbeats and totally drew you into the sentiments.
It's one of those places where love is so close and real, and a place where you see miracles.
I love pondering on the importance of "letting-go", I felt like it's important for our generation, when we are always moving around, experiencing new things and meeting new people. But maybe I deliberately let go too soon, without a proper bridging period, instead of feeling plain, my heart actually beats upon those memories.
I miss the close relationship and trust developed between the staffs and students, and also the feeling of support, tolerance and the chance to empower others. Perhaps it's also because I don't know how or whether (frankly) we should maintain the friendship with the students after SB, and how long could it last? Very sophisticated matter, relationship with these young people, each of them distinctly different - some with a weaker mind but loving hearts; some that are caring and funny; some with big ambition; some are lost about their life; some are naughty but cute............ Oh I miss them a lot. However, I think I just couldn't do it for another year, it's good to have a break from it after two summers.. two exhausting summers.If I were doing SB now, I must have left home already, writing letters on the bus, I would not have been eating Jap food last night, probably having dept dinner or met up with Holing cuz we are soooo behind in lesson planning! 
SB is too intense, seeing the pictures are too intense.
It's really enjoyable working with people, especially young people, small like Jaci or teenagers like SBers, I love interpreting their thoughts, and tricking them into abandoning their wicked motives, I love to support them and let them realize their potentials
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Mark Tsun On Wong said...

Summerbridge is extremely short but tremendously sweet.
Sad that you are not doing it this year. would have loved to be working together again-on admin!
perhaps you're right though, might be a good time for a break from the intensity of SB. too emotionally intense, both in positive and negative way!
Everything is possible in SB. But it is impossible not to love Gary. lol.
The picture of the students forming a bridge outside the staff bus made me feel fuzzy inside, goose bumps goose bumps....

maomao said...

it is impossible to not love gary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!