Sunday, February 13, 2011

earl grey moose

there's something about baking that got me interested these days, clearly not the cake, or the sweet things itself, but probably the drawing of recipe, of the idea of occupying myself with something that I could distract my mind on.
Went to a nice cafe after work today, with books surrounding me, time flies so quickly.
Time flies so quickly anyway, can you believe half a february! has passed! oh my god. it's unbelievable.
There are two cakes that I wanna try baking tomorrow. Also need to go jogging, and yoga!
It's 2 am!
The cake on the left was covered with whipped cream, made together with joy c for my grandma's birthday. the best thing about baking at home, is still, the fact that there's almost no sugar, and so the flavour and freshness of the fruit could be thoroughly enjoyed. i can't wait till april arrives ! yet there's still so much to be done. yu tsz x you are too ging, unbelievable!!! scary ging yan.

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