Thursday, January 19, 2012


the day started out gloomy and rainy, but soon rain stopped, and the raindrops sparkling on the end of the tree branches were all that remained as the sun shines.
Discovered a picbook with sophisticated paper engineering, costing only 2.99 in Oxfam, the charity shop. Received an email from one of my favourite illustrators! Sara Fanelli! Who did a lot of beautiful illustrated books, and projects including in the Tate Modern, there are some of her books that I really love, but out of stock and print, loved her nice email, totally made my day. Walked through the Botanic Gardens for the first time to see my supervisor, and also got an email from the school that I will be doing my research at, they are very nice : ) everything is nice : ) my friends are nice too. now I am back in the beautiful f.ames library, look at the pink house and pine tree outside : ) Do you have a book that you love? usually I want to bring those books that I love with me wherever I go, just discovered a new one, can't wait to share. the sky turned pink and yellow, and blue and white and grey, and then the starry sky over the magnificent courts of king's

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