Wednesday, January 18, 2012

clementines dropped from heaven

it's either the weather, stubbornness in unwilling to give in, helplessness due to not being able to get a book or any other reasons, that keeps making me feeling not so well, and feeling on verge of tears. not good. something relatively better, is that volunteering with kids was really cute. the half-priced clementines and blueberries from Sainsbury's were so nice, i believe they dropped from heaven. i have like ten hardcover books to return today... they are s o h e a v y ..... smell of cinnamon fills up the air, doesn't awake me in this gloomy weather, but still a little bit more comforting. also, there's something i want to paint. as a part of our course yesterday, we had to do creative writing in the nature, choose our own spot in the field, and write. another highlight of the day, was we tried a new restaurant, and saw a fat cat on the street...

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