Thursday, June 21, 2012


深藍 l'heure bleue. both midnight punting and the riverside concert was set in the most beautiful hours of the day, and i just realized that it's not the magic hour that is the most magical, but l'heure bleue, the blue hour. miss happy times in fitzbillies, the heavy rain outside melbourne canteen, the wrong station in berlin, the glowing faces under the magical sky...清新滿瀉。牛牛雲、日落、閃閃煙火、河畔燭光、流水淙淙、滿天星星. 康河上的快樂回憶. 只是坐在河邊已經覺得很幸福,近來還加上歌聲、花火、朋友、靜夜撑蒿. 儲起了的快樂回憶安慰了我內心的不快。


mingwai said...

love your spotty blue dress.

maomao said...

spotty sounds like some dalmatians! :P