Wednesday, January 17, 2018


今天跟小Rosie見資深獸醫及動物物理治療專家Paws-in-motion的Dr. Jane, 她花了四十五分鐘見小小Rosie,仔細地撿視她全身骨骼和肌肉。
今天小rosie 2.3 公斤,來了我們家兩星期後己經長重了很多,並長出鬈鬈的毛。
但正面的想,小Rosie 將以後都會受寵愛,在溫暖的家中成長,不用再忍受非法繁殖場的惡臭及噪吵,不用跟自己的屎尿一起睡,不用忍受牙痛,不會再有跳蚤兒咬,不用再住在籠裹。一切都會變好。
親愛的喵喵仔,你要好好對Rosie 啊。謝謝所有愛護rosie 的朋友們。
Rosie and I just finished seeing animal physiotherapy specialist dr Jane who's also a very experienced vet. It made me feel pretty sad in a way, because, of just how deformed she is. Her two back legs probably only has grade two patella laxation, and it might be her hips that actually aches so, it's good that no surgery is needed. She stand with this wide cowboy stand, but the knee only turns OUT when she stands, not when she sits.
 Her front leg, had a joint dislocation most likely, for years, and can't be fixed anymore Whatever it was that deformed it, was probably huge force, could be car who hit her, and it impacted not just her elbow but also creates pain at her spine, c6, where she squeaked.
One of the things we could do is make her RUN less, or try to have those harness that lift her front body, or else her right shoulder will have arthritis from over-using, and of course those muscles are more stiff.
She's 2.3 kg today, grown all heavier in two weeks time since she's arrived our home.
So to be honest her situation isn't that worst in the world, but I just feel sad about the whole human cruelty of puppy mills and all those.
Literally everyone who saw her on the streets, all kids, lovessss her. I hope she knows that too my beloved little girl.
A little sunshine ☀️
It hurts to know that she's in pain.
On a positive note, she'll be loved, warm, free from bad smell of puppy mill, free from malnutrition, for the rest of her life :-)
Free from ceaseless barking surrounding, Free from teeth pain Free from cruelty, Free from caging, Free from sitting with her own pee, Free from ticks and fleas and itch.

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