Wednesday, January 31, 2018


很多喜歡皺皮的臉,於是繁殖場的人就不斷繁殖越來越極端的長相,結果好多都要做這種手術,否則就會有皮膚病,並且看不見東西。Alison 真的好乖好可愛,讓人很想親親她。
Can you guess what is hanging off her underbelly?
It's all living proof of her years of confined abuse at the illegal puppy mills :(
Giving birth and feeding puppies non-stop, then left with a broken body after her puppies were taken away to make money.
But she is still a very sweet girl, gentle and people loving, now under foster care and love. How can we give her up and not give her a second chance?
She's going to undergo expensive surgery to remove those extremely overused nipples, lift her eyelids and to remove the excessive folds on her face.
If you wish to support Alison's medical fees, you may opt for bank transfer to HSBC Account 400-399978-838
 or visit to donate through Paypal.

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