Sunday, February 11, 2018


以前我覺得負責暫託事務的Alice 是最吃力不討好的,因為要把有特別需要的動物送往人家家去,差不多感覺要麻煩人。這些毛孩通常都不懂得去厠所,或有特別醫療需要,要不是就是正在來月經不能絕育,或極怕羞;當然還有不停牙痕,很可愛但令人無覺好睡的狗嬰兒。
有好多人明知狗兒很病,都願意試一試把狗兒帶回家。其中一隻剛救回來的小poodle 在中心不斷嘔和肚瀉,但去到暫託家庭後好像突然完全康復了。可能因為中心太冷了。
After a busy, chilly but rewarding week (with many usual struggles too) & morning swim ❤, finally sitting here by the sea at our Seaside Studio, finalizing my picturebook draft. Can't think of anything sweeter than to have my two little babies meowmeow jai & rosie girl sleeping closely next to me while i am working. I wanna brew coffee &drink green tea, but can't get myself moving as I don't want to disturb these two sleeping babies. Helped almost 9 animals finding foster these two weeks, I used to think Alice LAP Foster Coordinator job is one of the toughest, but least rewarding, as you have to keep making phone calls, and potentially keep getting rejected, or encountering people with strange expectations thinking fostering is just about playing with animals. 
But turns out there are many touching moments too, especially when you know that there are many people out there who are willing to open their home and hearts to these poor and sick orphaned animals. And it's also great to hear that they enjoy the experience, of cuddling the whining puppies (and letting them bite them) or seeing them grow from terribly sick back to healthy. 

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