Sunday, July 8, 2018


現在他已成為一隻神可小巨貓,頗有性格的,雖然搗蛋,但充滿好奇心,喜歡痴住人和狗兒們。喵喵仔rosie 都是小寶貝。
I always find it fascinating how different my two furry kids are, in terms of personality. Rosie is the type that always look for protection, she's been through so much, you just want to cuddle her, and make sure she gets what she wants. Sometimes even bringing her to grooming seems like such a torture for her, she look so exhausted afterwards, and I kept hoping that she doesn't feel too bad. Meow has also been a fighter, but he is a very different personality, always looking for something mischevieous to do, but never unkind, he's just a playful and energetic little boy, who makes people laugh even when he is up to no good. Even though he would grab your hand and do rabbit kicks, and jump pass Rosie from the back, he never hissed at people.

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