Thursday, July 26, 2018


我們的工作室是年終無休的,我們好幸運,從未試過一天是沒有生意的,但也代表我們一年大細都在畫畫,都在工作,並且經常有太多工作在排隊。可是我們的工作都是好有趣。負責畫畫的員工貓小姐是一個貪心的畫家,人家叫她畫堅尼地城,她就會一面想畫埋簿扶林道(貓小姐:咁係好近丫嘛)摩星嶺、背後的山等等- (貓小姐:這樣看一區好有趣,而且全都是連繫在一起的)總之我哋呢個貓小姐員工就好古怪,即將要加紙了,是她最不喜歡的活動之一。
其他朋友仔,不用擔心,我哋無忘記你嘅訂單 - 狗狗商品logo, 商店地圖、煙花畫、有兩個報紙訪問、還有一本書要畫.... 日本博物館的展覧.... 啲人成日問我哋忙緊乜.... 
July Newsletter - Hello from our Seaside Studio, these days we are working on multiple projects (Mr. Meow boss: When are we not?) We are very lucky, as we never had no projects to work on, and not just that, all of our projects are extremely interesting. Among them is this Kennedy Town Map with one of our favourite collaborators @idiscoverapp. Our illustrator Ms. Maoo is a greedy illustrator, she was asked to illustrate Kennedy Town, but would insist to include the hills behind, up to Pokfulam Road, West to Mount Davis etc. (Ms. Maoo: Because it's all connected! and there are many beautiful secret paths and trails too) Once this illustration is done, we will put it by the seaside promenade at K-town and let the neighbours add their stories too. K-town has many interesting core groups, from those that research military history, to environmental-protection-teams, hopefully we will be able to collect some very interesting stories!
Don't worry our other friends, in case you hasn't heard back, we haven't forgotten your orders! A dog branding design, shop map, a plate drawing, two newspaper interviews next week, another picturebook to finish, and our exhibition in Japan.... etc.

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