Sunday, October 28, 2018


昨天出席了這個活動【生死書房 -- 兒童哀傷輔導與繪本】
主辦:香港生死學協會 X 贐明會 X 綠腳丫 X 拉法醫治中心
題目1:《最後的告別》x 繪本 / 閱讀治療

分享會後,他們也跟我分享在輔導和心理治療中用這本書的情況 - 大家都說好喜歡,尤其因為這本書以香港為背景。
雖然我們 - 編輯、社工等,每一個人做這本書時都是百二分的認真,但在我中目心這本書還可以更好(大概世上大多數事情都這樣子),不過聽到大家都好喜歡並覺得在輔導工作中用得着真的很感動。

Yesterday I went to a Book Sharing organised by Society for Life and Death Education
The Society for Life and Death Education is a charitable and non-profit organization, founded by healthcare professionals, lecturers, social workers and religious figures.
There were more than 130 participants, I was so surprised by the turnout! : )
Most participants works in related field and do bereavement counselling etc. It means so much to hear feedback from them, and to know that they find the book useful and meaningful in their counselling and therapy sessions.
The bereavement counseling charity social worker talked about book therapy and I talked about the book making process.
It also reminded me that early this week when I was admited to the hospital, my immediate neighbour in the ward just passed away, she's a 46 years old mom to two young daughters. The whole family were in deep grief.
I guess in normal everyday life, we barely think about life and death issues, but it is an experience that nobody can escape.
I feel so tremendously lucky that I am able to work on these projects, something I always dreamt of since I was a kid, and that it could help other people.
Yesterday morning I was being borrowed “to be a patient” for the medical student examinations! One of the professor/examiner said “一早知係你就攞本書俾你簽啦“😹😝 But actually the book he mentioned was not this book, he read one of my unpublished book on my journey as a junior patient/chronically ill patient, wonder how he saw it!!! I wish I could rework on those books again some day and that it could help more people ❤️

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