Thursday, November 15, 2018


幸好最後有跟着去,很好玩。光子小姐和神田先生帶我們去了長野雪山下的溫泉鄉及古都松本。去旅行實在會幫助畫畫呀。我們住的溫泉旅館有個好漂亮的書架,架上的兒童書很不一般,並有英法有名的古本! 現在每天寫一點,有空再寫。
 Back at my Japanese home again, despite everyone ask if it’s ok to leave HK right after hospital discharge, of course it is ok ! hahaha. OMGHGGG we got a surprise trip and will stay at those old onsen ryokan in the hills of Nagano!!! feels like in spirited away land!!! All the onsen here seems super old we went to one that is shared bath that’s on top of the tiny road, small wooden house, even the Japanese think it’s straight out of manga, with pebbles small tiles !!!!! And wooden signs hanging. No locker, locally managed. . You know they didn’t plan to bring me to Nagano they want me to stay in museum to draw but I “begged for it” against Japanese custom 😹😹😹 This is the one inside our ryokan you need to climb out the window to the outdoor onsen.

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