Saturday, July 26, 2008

Rain of flowers

When I was reading a very long letter from Gary during the dinner. Stephen said "I am so jealous that you have such special bonding with the returning students" (Because i am the only returning staff from SB07). It makes me both so happy and unhappy.

I am so glad I came back, and I still get to see them, have lunch with them, talk with them, to see them being leaders as returning students in SB; but also sad when I see that they seems to have moved on a lot better than I do.
This year, 3 of the returning staffs including me was assigned to a quite difficult CDC, since the first day, we never had full attendance, and we often have problems with one of the class - it's my first period everyday, and it's often discouraging.Maggie (a very experienced staff) and I both find it really sad that we don't feel bonded with the students the way we usually do.

Today was a great day
, we went off early to prepare for the special event. After the students left, we had a reli cool CDC staff dessert in IFC, then dinner with KK, K wong, Mark, Stephen, Sharon, Katherine, Maggie, Vanessa in Tsui Wah, THEN, joined the admins for dinner (again) in CWB. I am sunburnt, under 33*C without shades. We had so much fun and laughed so insanely much.

Yesterday lunch, a student of mine from last year cried, and she said she wanted to talk with me. I was surprised. She said she felt really sad, but there's no one she could think of that she could talk to except me... aww. She cried because she lost something that Shirley (our director) lend her, and she felt "really stupid"... I feel so close with my CDC students last year. Miraculously, after we part, I found the thing back for her in the room that I had to go to! It's totally like a miracle! and she gave me a big big big kudos in afternoon ASM.

I am not good in maintainin
g relationship with people, partly because I don't think I need to and also I doubt the possibility to do so, I can often move on so quickly, meet new friends, and enjoy my new life. But in my heart, I really wish that I could keep this relationship with these students from SB. (difficult..) I really love them (and when I am saying this, I am almost just solely thinking about my students from last year+my 3B class if they are all here).
Maggie is right, SB is addictive.

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