Monday, July 28, 2008

Spring Leaves

Marco finally got a medal today. I still remember that he cried last year because he didn't get it even though he was one of the brightest in the class.  I always wonder if I'd get to see him get a medal during my time in SB. Funny enough lol, wanting to witness that is one of the reason I came back to SB. 

I made him a medal myself by the end of last year, telling him that even though he didn't get a medal, he's still a shining star (the medals last year were star-shaped, as the theme was Reach for the Stars) Hopefully he has grew to understand that how good he is, is not judged by whether he gets the medal or not. 

He has impressed me from the very beginning. 

Nine more teaching days, to be frank, I kind of wish it's over sooner. But I shall try my best. 

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