Thursday, July 31, 2008

Little Miracles

A great story (click) - As SB teachers, it's always important to see our students holistically, there is always a reason for the way they act, little miracles happens when we support them and never give up on them

One of the most touching thing I witness in SB is the changes that happened on Jimmy!

I taught him both this year and last year. After the first year of SB, he hided all his parents letter or anything related to SB away because he didn't want to come back for another summer. He think his English is weak, and he doesn't understand what the teachers are speaking anyways, he sees himself as a burden to other students. In class, he refuses to write, because his English is not as good as the others, he would day dream and not participate.  
However, Jimmy is an amazing hip hop dancer, musician and artist! With the support from his mom, he decided to come back to SB. But life has not been easy for him, on the second week of second year, we found him crying in the bathroom. 

But little changes begin to appear as we give him more support and designed the classes to allow him to express his ideas more artistically. He starts to feel more confident and tries hard even though sometimes he doesn't understand everything. 

He finally got a medals on the third week, and he was super excited about it, he supports his classmates, help the teacher to pass out materials, remind other students to be quiet...and he even wrote me a one page letter (unlike other students, he used to just draw in his letters to me) .... 
The most amazing thing was that, this student who normally don't speak much in English, gave a SPEECH on Visitors' Day in front of hundreds of visitors and parents.  
We are all very proud of him :)

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