Friday, August 1, 2008


Apart from love of learning, speaking English all the time, bravery, respect.... *friendship* is also one of the most amazing thing you see among SB students (and staffs!) 

I always find it amazing when the FTs (Future Teachers) go out to celebrate birthday with their CDC classmates, even though they have "graduated" from Summerbridge for 2 whole years. Or how they meet up every Sunday to shop and play mahjong. It's such simple thing but touching and revealing. 

Four of my students are extremely close friends - Gary, Zoro, Ken and Tommy. Ken and Tommy were sick recently, Ken looked really tired one day, we suggested him to go home and take a rest. However, his answer surprised us, he said "But SB is my home", so we let him nap in the sick room for awhile. He felt really guilty afterwards, that he had to skip the class. He also told us that he is very glad that he came to Summerbridge. "I have never made such great friendships in my life, even though I see my friends in school everyday, but I never get to talk with them the way I talk with my friends in Summerbridge. They are so supportive and caring to me all the time" :'( 

Another four good friends surprised me so much and invited me to their birthday party on the coming week. (I would think that it's a big decision for them to make, as, if i go, then it'd be English all the time for them lol) 
Jimmy, Maggie, Sarah and Tiffany were all in my CDC last year, but are no longer classmates this year, they come from different schools and have very different backgrounds - Maggie is a perfectionist, star student.. while Jimmy can barely speak or write English last year. Also, it's not common that students of this age to be best friend with opposite genders. I didn't know that they were such good friends earlier. I am so glad that I get to be 'twins' with them on Crazy Hair Twins Day. 

I find it really sweet that they take time out to celebrate a SB friend's birthday, as they could have spent it to sleep, to do homework, spend it with their friends outside.... but they chose to celebrate her birthday with her.... 

SB is such a loving and magical place, it's where miracles can happen. That's why we always say that everything is possible all the time in ASM. lol

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