Sunday, August 17, 2008

CDC 5 Party!

It should have been an even happier day, I feel bad for making a mistake that I could have avoided.
I invited two ex-SB staffs to join our party today, as they were both teachers of our CDC last year.
Knowing that they would speak cantonese, I actually reminded them that it'd be "English all the time" today. I hesitated whether I should include them or not, but I tried to think from their point of view, and decided if I were them, I would really love to see my students again if I dun get to teach them this year.
Even though their impact was reduced by their late arrival and early departure, but our fragile atmosphere was already slightly affected. Thankfully, most of them were still very great, respecting Vanessa who didn't know Chinese, and trying their best to speak English. But I just feel bad for making such mistake, as this is the first time I met with this group of SB students after SB this summer, and I didn't want anything to affect their expectations on our future meet ups.
Apart from the frustrating part, we had a great time making sandwiches, waffle + ice cream etc. together! We also watched our Celebration video!

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