Friday, August 8, 2008

You are special in my life

Last Day in Summerbridge | Today was a really really happy day, full of surprises =)

During Closure, a lot of teachers and students cried a lot, and surprisingly, I didn't. I don't want to admit, but I guess it's because I don't feel a strong connection with the students I teach this year. 

|I love our classroom|

So since this is the last day of SB, we have especially long kudos time for students to stand up and say thanks to their new friends made in SB or teachers. I was really stunned and touched by the number of kudos I've got today :P Sonny said I am the "champion of kudos" :P And Shirley said it's like a "Kudos-for-Connie-time" hahaha... But despite the numbers, they were all really really touching. 
Tiffany, Sophia and Matt who I taught last year gave me kudos, and Tommy who I taught this year gave me a kudos - because he's not good in art, but I always help him to come up with ideas (I almost start all the projects for him lol :P ) And also Nelly, Vaness, Yuki etc. 
Gary, lol, gave me a big kudos, for all the special letters and cards we wrote to eachother (....) AND he said that "you are special in my life" awwwwwww.....
I'll miss them all so much, and I am so touched that they still have me in their hearts even though I don't teach them at all this year. (And we rarely get time to chat during a busy SB day)  They are all really special to me too!
After the long day, we had art department dinner, then Holing and I went to the SB OFFICE! It was fun! 
P.S. i have no time to write letter, i just got home, and i feel so bad for that
Summerbridge means waking up early, working till late, writing letters all the time, panicking before lessons, frustrated after bad lessons, but at the same time, there is so much love, so much care, everyone is highly-spirited and supportive... It is the one place that makes me feel happy and positive all the time. 
Why is there so much love in Summerbridge?

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