Saturday, August 9, 2008


Today is the Celebration of Summerbridge SIS and CIS! yay! 
As for the Island School site, we had a full dress rehearsal for tomorrow's Celebration!
The day lasted from  7:30 a.m. - 9:30 p.m.
Summerbridge is a surreal place, this place makes me feel as if I were having a big crush on someone. 

"We love Sb, it has changed me, support, respect, loving others endlessly. 
I will not forget, the so so so special time. All the memories will never leave my mind."

Crazy, tomorrow is Celebration. I am so going to cry. Especially when I think about the students that I have known for two years, which I watched them grew from a new student to be a returning leader! Katrina and Marco who got their recognition that they longed for , Sophia who is no longer disruptive but so much more mature; Jimmy who never talked last year but now a cheerleader in SB! Koey, who I thought only cares about what she wears, but now participate all the time even in "Sponsors ASM" and wrote a song to the teachers all by herself.....! 
and also when we I think about all the friendship between us... 
I wish I have time to talk with all of them, to say Thank you to them.

This year I look forward to Celebration a lot. 
There seems to be a second layer of meaning to this special event, it is not only a time to celebrate all the things they have learnt, but also a celebration for all the great time we had together, all the love that we share, the new friends that we made, the supports that we have got, the confidence that we have gained.... and so much more......
I look forward to see them be on stage, to be proud to share everything that they have experienced and gained in Summerbridge

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