Thursday, August 21, 2008

Enjoy your typhoon with a cup of tea ;)

My love of typhoon started with my first contact with internet back in Primary school.
I learnt reading radar images and discussion group from HKO and HK Weather Underground website on the first time I got my hands on the internet. lol
Last night//This morning - the crazy waves, with random water splashing upwards in a long line!
Whenever a typhoon is moving towards HK, I feel like we are about to witness some historical moments. Having some basic knowledge towards typhoon structure, I was really excited to learn about Weather and Climate, and was excitedly reading AL textbook that So sir lend me, during CE lol. But I still know so little about typhoons..... aw..... I hope I can know more 
My home is a great point to witness the changes of the sky - layers of cloud and also the movements of the water. Wow, the wind direction is so obvious

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"At 1 p.m., Typhoon Nuri was centred about 60 kilometres east-southeast of Hong Kong Observatory (near 22.0 degrees north 114.7 degrees east) and is forecast to move northwest at about 14 kilometres per hour in the general direction of Hong Kong.

Gales are already affecting many places in the territory. Local winds are expected to increase further. Higher signals will be issued shortly. "

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