Monday, August 4, 2008

The Sweet Taste of Trivial Things

In Summerbridge, teachers do cheers and form a bridge to greet the students every morning, both sunny and rainy days. Last Friday was CDC tea time, the teachers stayed on the same bus for staff meeting on the way there, while the students were on the other buses. 
The students arrived earlier than we did, and guess what, they formed the bridge and greeted the staffs off the bus!In Mong Kok! Crazy, this is crazy.... so sweet. 
"Thanks for all of your letters and the Christmas card you sent me =), if i can't keep in touch with Connie, I will never forget all the memory we have!" 
Gary, a very very great student that I taught last year wrote me a long long letter recently. Reading it makes me wanna cry. SB is really crazy. 

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