Sunday, August 10, 2008


Today is the big day of Summerbridge - Celebration
The students greeted the 6 buses of visitors under the Island School sun. We entered the hall with our spirit torches, along the shiny lights, falling balloons, and Olympics song, walking behind Shirley. Celebration 2008 started as the Spirit Torch is lit. 

Our Celebration seems to have lasted really long!
We all cried so much when Gary did his speech. It's our last night together IN Summerbridge, to celebrate and share all that we have learnt in these two summers. The returning student speech/song and graduation makes me feel so sad. I feel like I KNOW every returning student, their little fears, their worries on peer pressure, their small craves... having to part makes me so sad.
I came back this year because of a simple and innocent reason, I gained so much more of other things, but at the same time I fulfilled my wish/aim. It was after all the biggest reason I did SB2008, and I am glad I did it. 

I had been looking forward to Celebration for awhile, these few days, we have been doing closure, preparing for celebration etc. All my excitement and sadness seems to be provoked by things happening in Summerbridge. I seems to have forgot that I have a life outside SB. I seriously need a transition back to the real world. Help me to find back my life in the "real world"

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