Sunday, August 3, 2008

Students Home

Po Tat Estate, in Sau Mau Ping such an unfamiliar and mysterious name. Going to a part of HK that I don't often go feels like an adventure, I enjoy it a lot.
Today, I was invited to a students' Birthday tiny party at her home. Since she only invited her close SB friends, we get to have long relaxing chats without time limitation as we do in the busy SB time schedule. 
Visiting them at their home also feels like knowing them deeper in a different way, I didn't even know that 3 of them were immigrants from China (as we were looking at their kindergarden pictures today) 
Her home is quite spacious, mainly because she doesn't have much things? The walls are very bare, and they don't have an air conditioner (they don't have one, not that they didn't turn it on) All the bookshelves in the living room are filled with worksheets from school. Maggie is a very very hardworking girl, a perfectionist. And they use water bottles as cups to serve water lol. 
In SB, everyone's personality seems so 3-dimensional, and so unique. I wonder why some of my friends outside of SB are so mean and negative. 

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