Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My edinburgh love

I always wanted to go home sooner, but now, I feel very nostalgic! Which is expected.
I am going to miss this place and the people, and I am not even really leaving yet, it's like a preview of graduation. I love my coursemate, most of them are like genuine people from little village, some have pretty eyes, some walk really fast, some do really funny crits, most of them are really caring....

When we're sick of design, we order takeaway together and pretend the studio is the restaurant; we stood against the cold in Paris, and survived the year under Cary. We cook together to celebrate when crit's are over...

and it's not only my classmate, but also the place, the peaceful medieval city versus the grandiose Georgian town. People are generally sweet, the Starbucks people, the German Shepard that needs a wheel(chair), the old woman with her 9 month dog, Jane who i shadowed in Charlotte Square....

Why are people here so good, am I illusioned? 
I am shattered
Me and my memories are shattered.

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