Wednesday, December 3, 2008


In memory of Martin, that made math so much less dreadful (still dreadful, but less), especially comparing to oh gosh Ming in First year! Most of my really dear friends happen to be in this class as well!

Randomly thinking about LPC these days, I guess partly cuz I am speaking with contagious Holing often, so my procrastination centres around LPC memories. Maybe we should visit during winter break. and have Genki Sushi. Apart from the good and unique experience in LPC, some of the things I remember most vividly, are all the escapes we made, even though to terrible Sunshine City for Park n'shop sushi, omg, Leanne! I really wanna go back for some Cultural Evening, maybe in the coming semester. We need to think about how to get there though, as Holing and I both thought that the journey "back" to LPC on Sundays are really really dreadful! 

It's snowing outside. 

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Anonymous said...

true we were all in that math class!!
what contagious lol