Monday, June 6, 2011


Perhaps if you know me, you know how I always don't look forward to events, especially when meeting with people, but then the results is always surprising. So many times I felt so touched and happy beyond words could describe already so far..... Just very simple things, but exactly what I am looking for, walking in the woods in the middle of the night, watching star, searching for fireflies, living in a warm wooden house when it's only 10'C outside at night, while having teppanyaki... Then we went to collect kinomi (fruits from the tree) today, for art work, also went to the sea, where there are deep pools, and many long blue fishes! We also went to a very tiny wooden cafe (like the one in Naoshima) that has their own little wood outside the balcony, hidden beyond the trees..... We also went and visit their friends art work. I love how beautiful those art works are (not those I can't appreciate; but then full of sophisticated craftsmenship) sighhhh, last night, I just said in my heart..... 'とてもしあわせとおもいた’:)