Friday, June 3, 2011


Saw the presentation of Nakayama-san, loved his model and his concept, it reminds me of 1/4mile though - flats inside the former infirmary, but overall speaking it's interesting. Hope it could materialize, it'd be beautiful. 牛奶妹妹really looks like people in Yoshitomo Nara's painting. Really can't wait to go away from Hong Kong. also really want to go snorkelling in clear water, almost forgot about this. big desire to go. Maldives? Okinawa? Sigh, I really dun want to spend each day saying - I am very tired... But then at the same time, I love that I am doing something interesting, learning and earning money everyday :P Exactly how can HK be so hot, met with bebe, tso jei jei etc for dinner, the rush hour mtr, is really ab.normal.. went down to central mtr right away after work, still gotta queue to get through the gates.... can't wait till my holiday starts.. i really want and need it... :S Even though there's so much work I still need to do - really.

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