Saturday, August 6, 2011


There are some people that I really appreciate, their vision, but unfortunately, the more I know and think, the more I realize that I just couldn't agree with their ways of doing things, it's sad to see people always taking advantage of others and taking everything for granted, it's just that some resources could be much more efficiently and better spent, either on the same thing or on many others who are in need in the world. Of course, people won't realize their own problems, and all I should do is one/stay away; two/remind myself very carefully not to be like that. It kinda make me sad, because I thought of a very harsh comment they made long ago, but realize that they are probably much worse than the person they criticized. It was really really beneficial to hear the other side of the story though, felt like i've been through another lesson : )
aw im so happy about making crepes these days. just got a book delivered from japan as well : ) receiving something like that is so satisfying. miss the reli delicious sea salt caramel froyo x arabian caffe. i must go make my crepe dinner now. and paint. and work. errr. lol just finished a very sleepy morning at work. good to be home. : ) Even though I don't read comics, but every Yunnan trip I get some really interesting classes on comics, and realize that there are many interesting topics that manga covers. I also learnt that 棋魂 and Death Note was the work of the same manga artist, who's born in Niigata. I miss the Onion Ale Soup in Peter's Yard. can't take karen mok's songs off my mind.
What do you wanna have in your crepe today? love love : )

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