Wednesday, April 4, 2012


川側に行ったら、よくなった。河邊的白櫻花正在盛放,雖然今天並不特別暖,但坐在廣闊的天空和緩緩流水之間,能自然達到靜心瞑想的效果。然後往河邊的木圖書館去,從頂層可遠眺茂密的綠樹林。這樣漂亮的風景,真難得。雖然下雨,但也很美。晚飯時又說起grantchester, 好天再去啊。
Ted Hughes & Sylvia Plath's days in Grantchester.
Remember Rupert Brooke’s poem? Well we had tea by the roaring fire at ‘The Orchard’ (where they serve tea under flowering trees in spring) and the ‘clock was set at ten to three’ and there was the most delectable dark clover honey and scones
We walked 15 miles yesterday through woods, fields, and fen, and came home through moonlit Grantchester and fields of sleeping cows”.
Ted and I went up a green river in a punt … We had tea, honey and sandwiches under the apple trees in Grantchester”.
mw, nc & wy, it's v. 美中不足 u can't join floating-away.

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K. said...

I love love love Ted & Sylvia. Too beautiful! Cannot wait for next weekend (: