Sunday, April 29, 2012


連日大雨後,天稍光起來令眼睛變得敏感,在電腦前一天,耐心,就是需要很多忍耐和堅持。窗前的小植物是疲累眼睛的良藥。昨晚差不多沒有睡,可能因為喝了茶,早知喝好味道的熱奶,笨了。看草時想起梵高一生也在找心理和情緒的平衡- 內心的平靜。在精神病院住了兩個月後,他寫信給小妹妹說 I’m quite absorbed in reading the Shakespeare that Theo sent me here, where at last I’ll have the calm necessary to do a little more difficult reading. I’ve first taken the kings series, of which I’ve already read Richard II, Henry IV, Henry V and a part of Henry VI – as these dramas were the most unfamiliar to me. Have you ever read King Lear? But anyway, I think I shan’t urge you too much to read such dramatic books when I myself, returning from this reading, am always obliged to go and gaze at a blade of grass, a pine-tree branch, an ear of wheat, to calm myself. So if you want to do as artists do, gaze upon the white and red poppies with the bluish leaves, with those buds raising themselves up on stems with gracious curves. The hours of trouble and battle will assuredly come and find us without our going to look for them.
你看,我明明不應該在寫這些的,柔和的陽光照亮了房間裹一地的書,還看到淡淡的藍天。寫多一點,想吃溏心蛋,但今天是星期天,超市五時便關門。洗澡,再想想去不去今晚的攝影展。梵先生的天空顏色也挺不傳統,經常用到我最喜歡的古怪藍白綠色。厚筆觸,好正!是沒有學畫畫的人才做到的,passion and careful observation shines through,還有受日本影響的黑色邊,其實佢啲畫好適合做繪本,不是嗎?他藍天白雲的畫都不會感覺陽光充沛。可能因為他較喜歡看星空啦。我們的星空呢?好吧,不如去鄉下看星星吧。上次看到很美的星空已經是在肯雅了。聽歌
Field With Flowers Near Arles, Vincent van Gogh. 1888/cropped


wydes said...

Like the labels: CAMBRIDGE, DREAMS

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hope that travelling here in June was in your dream ;)