Sunday, April 8, 2012


Saw this little free library today, love this idea very much, and there's a garden on top of it! and christmas lights inside! (pic)really like it! Don't you think?
Easter weekend, revisited many colleges and gardens with Joyce, went punting on the river with lots of picnic food, the picnic continued well into the night in my room. finally tried the sticky mango rice at sala thong :P drove around cambridge and saw parts that i have never been before lol. somehow walking around makes me think how great it is to be a student here, beautiful flowers blooming everywhere, living in old rooms in inner courts, surprisingly, makes me rethink about the idea of doing a phd!! anyway, really need to start working hard after this weekend!!!!! sitting by the river is one of the best, best thing to do. love reading outdoor. oh yes, today is oxbridge boatrace!

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