Tuesday, July 24, 2012


“'Look at the boat,' he said. “Look at The Adventure. A boat by night is a wonderful sight. This is the way to start a new life, with a hurricane lamp shining at the top of the mast, and the coastline disappearing behind one as the whole world lies sleeping. Making a journey by night is more wonderful than anything in the world.”“Yes, you’re right,” replied Moominmamma. “One makes a trip by day, but by night one sets out on a journey” — Tove Jansson, Moominpappa at sea
There's something so magical about water and night. can't help but fill my mind with the soothing sound of flowing river. visit the exhibition and see what white cat and yellow cat were doing by the water. Let me know if you are going, maybe I'll drop by and go with you.

See the poster above for opening hours & address : )


K. said...

i will come with you

maomao said...

can't wait till u are back!!!!