Monday, February 29, 2016


世界有繁華的大都市,走在渋谷的街上,店舖大聲的音樂彷彿把整條街道變成了機動樂園,推銷員站在街中心拉客,聲色味俱存,卻不及總是靜默無聲的大自然變化那麼副震憾力- 劃破雲層而貫注大地的陽光,密密而默默無聲的雪花。But i like both.

 "What a beautiful day." They were having breakfast, and the morning sun flooded the room. "I should have gone home early to practice the samisen. The sound is different on a day like this." She looked up at the crystal-clear sky.The snow on the distant mountains was soft and creamy, as if veiled in a faint smoke. She smiled quietly, as though dazzled by a bright light. Perhaps, as she smiled, she thought of "then," and Shimamura's words gradually colored her whole body. 部屋いっぱいの朝日に温まって飯を食いながら、 「いいお天気。早く帰って、お稽古をすればよかったわ。こんな日は音がちがう。」 駒子は澄み深まった空を見上げた。遠い山々は雪が煙ると見えるような柔かい乳色につつまれていた。 その顔は眩しげに含み笑いを浮べていたが、そうするうちにも「あの時」を思い出すのか、まるで島村の言葉が彼 女の体をだんだん染めて行くかのようだった - 雪国, 川端 康成
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