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"Clearwater Stories - the reason i quit my job"
一個平凡菲律賓女傭的香港日記 同場加映: 蛇故事
我的朋友中也有些是印尼或菲律賓姐姐。 其中一個姐姐今早告訴我為何離開工作了十二年的僱主。(僱主我們也認識,幾年前搬了去清水灣;我哋以前常常叫呢個鄰居做「好似黑社會嗰個」,其實佢好好人,但因為五十幾歲仲成頭金髮同埋紋身,好耐之後先知佢哋其實在堅尼地城做菜欄的。)
原來佢唔做黑社會一家不是因為六隻狗。是因為他們搬往那裹是清水灣最盡頭,她在那家已工作了十二年。 住在那裹提心吊膽,因為她是負責帶狗那個,但外面很多蛇,有時就睡在路中心。有時突然從牆裹的孔申出頭來。

為什麼她會知道呢,因為花園有sensor 燈,她起初常想,為什麼夜晚那支燈時不時會亮起,後來發現是因為老鼠一支箭的跑來跑去....
我覺得啊工人姐姐係個good story teller 佢真係應該出本小書
- 池溏裹的活蛇
- 那早上樹變了色
- 盤在路中心吃得太飽的蛇
- 為什麼花園的sensor 燈常亮
- 從兩隻狗變成六隻狗
- 老闆是金毛紋身男
- (她還告訴我為什麼老闆的菜欄由兩間變做一間,因為大陸市場太霸道)
- 救了一隻未開眼的黑貓
- 其他好多香港人想知嘅嘢,如離家十二年,孩子已經十七歲
- 今天去中環送錢給阿仔
- 原來在法國人家打工未必如你想像中好

"One time she was watering a big plant, and wondered why the big plant's colour changed that morning, turned out it's the snake curling around the tree branch, and stuck its python head out when water sprinkled on him!
She threw the hose and ran away!"

A lot of people at where i live met and became friends because of dog walking, and among these friends some are the domestic helpers.
They have really interesting stories to share all the time. One of them used to work for a family here, but that family later moved to Clearwater Bay (the very very tip of it) , the dad of that family is around 60, but has hair dyed gold, and tattoos! So we secretly call him "the triad guy" even though he's actually very nice.
This helper jei jei moved to Clearwater bay with them, but later found a job in our neighbourhood again, we all thought it's cuz the family has 6 dogs and it's too much work, but it's NOT!!
She was telling me, "Sometimes during evening dog walks, snake pokes their heads out from the water drainage holes from the walls"
"Once a snake was too full after eating a cat, it can barely move, and blocked the village road, so they had to call the police to remove it"
NOT JUST THAT "They have a pond with fresh flowing water in their garden in clearwater bay, in March, the snakes wake up and are so hungry. One day, they saw frogs screaming and jumping out the pond, turn out this thick fat snake was swimming in the pond, the frogs escaped quickly, so the expensive fishes were swallowed instead, her boss was furious"
There are all kinda snakes in the neighbourhood, some as thick as the arm, and some as thick as the thigh XD
She worked for this family for 12 years, but at Clearwater Bay where they live, there are just way too many snakes.
She said from where they used to live, the closest bus stop is 15 minutes walk away, and also, at night there's no street lights! So sometimes you might accidentally walk into a snake. She also found an absolutely 未開眼 kitten before, which she nursed, and asked the family to keep, so the cat is all grown up now.

After hearing her story, I strongly think she should write about them, I will illustrate it for her. In fact, I just drafted the chapters for her XD

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