Monday, September 14, 2020


獅子山下的聚落 - 寫給你的情書
忘了以前是不是這樣想,但近年畫的香港各區地圖(灣仔、深水埗、花園大廈、大埔等)和繪本,都覺得自己在做一封給那一區的人的情書或者是一份禮物(唔知嗰度啲人想唔想要呢份禮物啦,但我心裹面就有呢種感覺)荃灣嗰幅有啲突別嘅,因為疫症好啲後會有participation 嘅部份(well 其他都想有,但嗰幅係真係有)

早年(2012) 畫「最後的告別」什至係中上環地圖時,感覺更多是「我好鍾意呢區呀」「想同其他人分享」「想記得呢啲消失中嘅嘢」嘅感覺。

After multiple brainstorming parties, we have came to a storyline for this story that is set in Wong Tai Sin, the first draft of the storyline written by someone who never wrote stories, failed so badly, we had to rewrite it a few more times. 

I kept thinking of my picturebook class dearies! (我知你哋都係大人,有啲可能大過我,但因為係學生,就會覺得佢哋都係小朋友)So I feel like I need to work at the same pace as you guys now! 

繪本研習班嘅成品展會喺- 26/October -8/November 喺突破書廊度展出㗎,我都好興奮添,你可以follow 佢哋個IG 睇下佢哋係唔係真係有乖乖日日畫緊。

Some people said the drawings are nice. But I feel like crying after finishing each one cuz it seems like they aren’t good enough.

I guess I’m just in bad mood. But when I draw the last picture book 心急狸和慢子狸, I loved every spread almost. As I have mentioned to some of you privately, that collaboration turned out to be quite a nightmare between all the parties (the clients, the artists, the publishers, because there was a crazy coordinator that jeopardised the whole process, that is suppose to be ENJOYABLE!  (the book is printed and it’s beautiful) But the memory is a little tainted, but these things don't happen often, everything else was and will be good. 

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