Monday, December 21, 2020


So I just went running, and throughout my run, I was thinking about swimming, I felt SO pulled towards the water...
I have been missing my daily swim for many days... Public pools are all closed now, and it's a tiny bit too cold for open water swim... 

NOT being able to conveniently stick to my routine (morning swim) was one of the biggest challenges for my 2020, even though we can take a bus to swim at the beach, but as a daily routine, convenience is also an essential point. 
And, that's why walking and running is such a great thing, as you don't need much other than a pair of shoes.. 

But my friends and I figure that we are just true swimming babies. 
And many runners eventually need to turn to swimming too (because swimming is much better for your joints) 

On the flip side, Swimming adventure was one of the biggest 收獲s of 2020, we swam many new beaches, and had to explore the open sea (due to the closure of the ones with shark nets) We braved new world outside our comfort zones, and found liked minds, form our little swim club, it was not just great physical activity, but wonderful social reunions too. 
People in our swim club all have their busy lives, from selling airplanes to taking care of newborn babies, but they also love the water so much, and felt an essentiality to go swimming, that we would all just make it happen early in the morning! 
We discover many cute new stories every time too. 

One of the things I wanted to do from all these swimming drawings - were to compile it into a little zine for ourselves. We will make it happen! 

Stepping outside our comfort zones, is always rewarding; one time in 2017, I swam in 2-4*C Icelandic water, and that experience reminded me that we really can do more than we imagine. 

講咗咁多, I think we should go winter swim. 

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