Sunday, July 11, 2021


I got invited by my good good friends/ex-students from rollingbooks & picturebook class to do an illustration on the topic of "It's ok to be not ok" earlier, which more and more people talked about these days, it's certainly an issue I feel strongly for as well. 

There's more and more talk these years, about the phase where you should allow yourself to just rest, relax, and that taking a break is essential. 
But going through real difficult times, (Where you absolutely think there's no way you'd get better...) knowing that it MIGHT pass, and that there were other people who got through and get better, is also equally important. (I know it's super hard) 

On a relevant irrelevant note, this is an issue I have been thinking since 2017 (when i did triathlon)
I always wonder if there is ONE body type for long long run. 
According to my observation there is, (and another half of the people say they are only like that because of their years of training) 
(I have a good sample amount, as many of my friends does long long run) (Adrian, Gi, ah him etc. etc. ) 

TBH, I have no desire to do long long runs, but I always wanted to swim longer, kayak longer, run longer even.

Not because I want to join any competitions, but i have always thought that having a healthy body (even within restriction) which you can run, swim, walk uphill, *whenever you want to* - is a form of true freedom.  

Apart from my serious health goal, 我都時不時認真諗吓點樣可以再fit 啲(it's a question i thought since 2017, 因為覺得健康嘅身體係真正嘅freedom 之一,以前都講過;即係話你可以隨時跑上山呀,游長途嘅水咁樣, not about competition or anything, just so you CAN when you want to)

啲人成日以為我好fit, 但其實我只係做咗10樣嘅其中一樣,所以仲有好多space for improvement (real stretch, do weight, endurance training etc. etc.) 

Seeing Dr. K & Monica & their friends was such an inspiration, ok but they are not normal people < and they will say they are. (Which reminds me of Michelle Obama's autobiography, I think the best part about her book, is that honestly she is one of those super smart student for sure, but her whole book successfully makes her story relatable to the majority of people from different background, ok I digressed) 

Both Friday & Saturday was so much fun, special, happy, inspirational days can create such ripples that quietly wash away the dust that accumulates in our otherwise everyday ordinary mundane lives. 

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