Thursday, July 15, 2021


事實上真係有好多project 係會橫跨好長時間,唔係本本書都係幾個月就出到。
好似疫症初期 (2019尾?)開始了兩個大嘅project, 就係「龍窯」本書同埋St. James 智障人士生死教育嘅三本書,之前講過好多次,但今日終於攞咗嗰三本書, and has an app that comes along, 同埋一套解釋生同死係乜嘢嘅Monopoly, with a big big dice : ) 終於! 
I know a lot of you has seen these drawings/heard these stories many times, but wanna share once more for those who are new to here. 

The series of drawings I’m doing is for the intellectual disabled (智能障礙)on the topic - *AM I GOING TO DIE?* Because ID/MR people gets old/sick too. It’s from diagnosis to eventually dying. .
They will also need to make options on, whether to resuscitate or how to understand, celebrate or grief end of life.
There’s one case that has colorectal cancer. He lived in the hostels for more than a decade but had to move to the hospitals and eventually palliative care homes.
He missed dancing and singing (in fact many of them loves to perform) and upon discussing said that he missed his old dorm mates.
Under the support of this Intellectually disabled-end of life scheme, they were able to arrange all his previous dorm mates to visit him, and they had a karaoke party.
he drew many many birthday cakes for his friends, because birthday party at dorm was his favourite back then.
He knows he’d die soon but he wanted to prepare the birthday cakes for his friends after he died !!! They said even 中度弱智嘅人都知道死亡是什麼
But in the past nobody discuss with them.
Sometimes their relatives just disappear, and they never knew why....

今個星期開咗好多會,畫咗好多畫,見咗好多人,又教咗繪本班, 好想閉關了(返落海底 :P ) 想要真實嘅hug. 今日仲去咗藝想tim : ) 

開始畫呢本書時,我上一隻狗Rosie 都仲喺度,中間已經出埋另一本書(「獅子山下的黃大獅」)又養了小草 :P 仲有好多其他畫同埋事發生咗。所以經常都係要耐心耐心同埋耐心。

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