Sunday, July 11, 2021


I originally wrote another post for today, but facebook and its "memories" pop up again. 
It's from six years ago, when beloved sum sum 小朋友 and I used to do little pop up street side stores selling our own art work. (Which is very similar to what Tung tung and I would still do, on the same alley in 2021) 
That's good, maybe part of me has not grown up, and that's not too bad. 

ALSO, I just realise that we were drawing the undersea world, which is what i am going to draw today as well. I looked through my bookshelf this morning, and found many many great picturebooks, all of different storylines and drawing style, but related to sea-adventures, my bookshelf always surprises me! And it's such a joy - a childhood dream come through, and something that can only be realised when you grow older - to have your own collection of books you love, and be able to create stories from the joy & sorrows you have experienced. 

One more thing, I only notice just how much time I spend sitting on the ground, I truly love sitting on the floor, I can just sit anywhere and draw, and we did that yesterday too, small thing, but.... it's not actually something we manage to do all the time, growing up there were "very conventional" friends who would stare at me and think I am very weird.... 

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