Monday, April 18, 2011


For a certain number of reasons, I am feeling a little annoyed. But I really shouldn't because this is childish, nothing in this world is perfect, and we have long learnt. I should feel better, and there is more work to be done tomorrow. Sorted out a number of stuff today, had a nice lunch, taught a reli cute class. They are suchhhh sweeties, i love them. I used to find this class really difficult to teach, they are noisy, and loves to talk, easily lose concentration, yet now the chemistry is great, probably because they are all active kids, they can get really engaged when they are used to the environment, and if the activity is interesting enough. And since they are mainly talkative, they give really good responses making the class very interactive as well. These 4.5 year old kids are building some big paper mache horses recently.
Somehow I had no appetite today, probably cuz it's turning warm again, had two macarons and a latte for lunch, and three palm size wo wo tao for dinner. Drawing huge chalkboard for the upcoming TDC exhibition at the Convention & Exhibition Centre, quite nice that I have the view of Bank of China and Victoria Harbour behind the blackboard. but it's a little challenging, because... of various reasons. There is still one more to paint tomorrow, and have to edit out stuff from this one, hope everything will turn out fine. I walked pass the highly dense harbour outside HKCEC today, there was nice sea breeze. There are people who struggle for their dreams, so not easy if you think about it, living against the tides, and think of all the negative advises u might get. What do you think?

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