Sunday, April 17, 2011

my macaron map

Written earlier, important note for our project in June. (Number of flavour available approx)

Paul Lafayet (10) - texture is similar to two UFO plastic plate stuck together by some artificial sweet glue, tried more than once, find it horrible every attempt. Displeasing food colouring
Caramel, Almond, Chocolate, Green tea, Lemon, Sesame, Rose, Pistachio, Passionfruit, Mocha, Praline, Ginger
Ritz Carlton (5) - beautiful outlook, acceptable texture, unacceptable taste
black truffle, mandarin, green tea, raspberry, chocolate
Le Gouter Bernardaud (16) - my personal favourite, beautiful colour, crusty but tender, wide variety, sometimes has surprises, recent one is "black forest" with little stars sprinkled on top, and tastes just like black forest. Same theory as reflection in a drop. amazing. tea.
Coquelicot Pamplemousse, Earl Grey, Cafe, Rose, Ginger, Olive, Chocolat Amer, Coco Chocolat, salted caramel butter, mango citron vert, frambroise, pistache, caramel cafe,
Ceres Boulangerie et Patisserie - often out of supply, looks like an oversized balloon
hazelnute, orange, cinnamon, citrus, passion fruit...
La Maison du Chocolat (6) - Not bad really, just that I don't like eating chocolate. $20
caramel, vanille, chocolat, framboise, et chocolat avec cassis
Jean Paul Hevin (15) $20 - TOO sweet......... the sweetness is unacceptable, the variety doesn't suits me. the colour is reli weird, i mean really. Lots of ppl like their macarons though.
Amer, Bergamote, Cafe, Caramel, Fig, Frambroise, Mandarin, Orange Gingembre, Pamplemousse, Passion Fruit, Pastiche, Pralin, Vanilla.
Sift (10) - A little artificial. Central's Sift's menu is a lot better for sure. Not amazing but not horrible. won't make you wanna encore
Jasmine, pistachio, Caramel, Rose, Raspberry, Coffee, Vanilla...
Roll - like two UFO plastic plates stuck together with artificial over sweet sugar.... rolls much better than their macarons.
Forest Bird -  haven't tried.
Robuchon -  don't always have, very few favours, but acceptable taste
Island Gourmet - want to try
Mandarin Oriental - occasionally available, chocolate oriented, but i dun like chocolate
Thomas Haas (10) - not much impression, outlook not particularly appealing, walked pass many times without daring to try, should be average. but they have salt flavour chocolate
Vanilla, Lemon, Pistachio, Coffee, Berries, Chocolate

Laduree/France - gems!
Pierre Herme/Tokyo - gems!

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