Monday, April 11, 2011


The japanese recipe blog says "life can be simple" i guess so, the thought of the tiramisu's soft layer brings a smile to my face. and i must sleep.
My 13.3 inches macbook air connects me to the wide but distressing world. So we just can't live a day without pathetic news. On the shore where we had ice-cream, there's a newspaper stand, the headline of Newsweek reads "Kate the Great - In a world gone to hell - thank God, a wedding." I don't have much feeling towards these monarchy stuff, and have no idea how many people actually feel joyous towards the wedding. But perhaps that's what everyone needs, some - positive distraction? Under the strong sunlight, we took the boat to a little place where pretty much no tourists go? We sat by the calming sea and observe boats sail pass, typically my favourite kind of activity. We wonder what the boats do, transport water? sailing to some far away places? We dwelled in a detached little moment between blue skies and turquoise water
Little kiddies what will you become. Julia's auntie once told me that Julia was crying during my leave. Have I mentioned a book about storytelling and character building? Do you think character could really be "built" or is it pretty much inborn? Are you a little shiny light in the dark dark night?
Do you want me to paint a new lamp? Do you want to make tiramisu? Where is my pink tulip? Maybe we should grow some in HK? If they don't die in the yellow smog? Reminds me of "Mia's Story" by Michael Foreman, just a few pages, with pretty picture, check it out next time you go to the library or a nearby bookstore. Bring your granny to work day(Reuters). haha.

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