Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Aw, and I have got your postcard too, quite a nice way to end the day, no? "Making art" outside the halls of HKCEC is quite interesting, sometimes people stop by to watch, last night, some random people walked pass and commented how useless they think this "activity" is. And today, a lot of passerbys told me how much they loved it, or said がんばってよ.
Ended with a nice harbour side dinner with warm soup : ) Aching a little from standing too much in the past few days. Tennis and Hanamizuki, can't wait. I'm so in love hocc's "in the end". :P P.S. there's something pretty fragile, i don't really understand... don't want to end the post/night sighing. As much as I want to have a break :P I mustn't be too indulged with this thought, as there is a lot of work waiting for me tomorrow....


Anonymous said...

Your artwork is looking real good, I'm impressed.

joey said...

hamamizuki is just too touching..
i cried for the last 15 mins...crazy!

your pic looks very nice!!!! love it so much :)