Wednesday, May 18, 2011


The sunset (pic) is so beautiful : ) Illustrated a page for the little lion story this morning, was pretty frustrated at some point, totally felt like I didn't know how to draw
There's a new girl in the afternoon art class, she's only 2.5 years old, lots of baby fat, v much like the girls in Totoro and also reminds me of 牛奶妹. She was crying a lot at first. later on tho, she "fell in love" with a boy with curly brown hair, they kept holding hands, and he'd show her where the books are in the studio, she'd only smile when playing with him. Such cute "lovers." P.S. She def. draws better than me, even though she's younger than most others in class, but she's totally conscious of what she's doing, she's supposed to be colouring the cardboard, but she wasn't willing to, she just wanted to paint the whole background instead, and she did it attentively.
Really want to watch Les Miserables in London once more!!! Good music, is like pretty art, beautiful trees or the sunset, makes your heartbeats! Gotta go tennis. Have a sweet evening : )


wydes said...

100% Adorable !!!!!!!

maomao said...

i told ya. even more in reality :P

Anonymous said...

唉! 簡直是你的寫照, a girl fell in love with a boy with golden hair...LOL :D

Leanne said...

aw, she's so cute! best love story ever. but c'mon your drawings are super good.

i love it when you give kids something to color or whatever and they're just like "eff this, i'm not going to color only within the lines, also i am going to make this cow orange, because orange cows should totally exist."

what is 牛奶妹 - "milk girl"?